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An interdisciplinary master’s programme at the university of bayreuth

Master’s programme Polymer Science

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Programme Outline

The two-year master’s programme Polymer Science focuses on the path from monomers to polymers, the design of functional polymers, and testing of various fields of application. This master’s programme covers all the important areas of polymer science such as polymer synthesis, catalyst design, colloid chemistry, polymer analytics, polymer physics, polymer processing, and polymer technology.

The programme begins with fundamental aspects and covers recent developments in the field along with applications of polymer materials and biomacromolecules. The programme is research-oriented and introduces students to current research topics in polymer science at an early stage. It is taught by reputable scholars who are active in the field and who are experienced in teaching the various aspects of polymer science.

Designed for up to 30 students, the master’s programme Polymer Science is embedded in the focus area Polymer & Colloid Science. Newcomers can enter the programme in Winter Semester like most students or in Summer Semester, which is particularly interesting for transfer students and those changing their subject. To be admitted to the programme, all applicants are required to undergo an aptitude assessment process. The standard period of study is four semesters. The degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) is awarded for successful completion of the programme.

All courses in the master’s programme Polymer Science are grouped into modules, which are generally made up of several related courses in the form of lectures and labs. The Module Handbook gives a detailed account of the workload for each individual course.  

A total of 120 credit points must be earned to complete the master’s programme Polymer Science.

1st Semester of Study:

In the first semester of study, students are introduced to the foundations of polymer science. Each student selects four modules from a choice of eight recommended modules (Polymer Synthesis, Physical Chemistry of Polymers, Colloids and Surfaces, Polymer Materials and Technology, Polymer Physics I, Organometallic Chemistry, Polymerization Catalysts, Catalysis and Sustainable Synthesis and Biomaterials). Each module, with the exception of Polymer Physics, includes an introductory lecture and a laboratory course to cover the experimental and practical aspects of the subject and to teach hands-on skills. Graduates of the programme have a broad basic understanding of the field of polymer science.

Modules P101 | P102 | P103 | P104 | P105 | P106 | P107 | P108  are offered in Winter Semester.

Module Sem1 englisch

* Students select four modules from the eight recommended modules offered in Winter Semester. One of these modules may be replaced by a module from the master’s programmes Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, or Engineering Science.

2nd Semester of Study:

In the second semester of study, students focus on – and specialize in – their own individual areas of interest. Students select three advanced modules, each of which consists of a lecture and a lab. In order to introduce students to research at an early stage, the labs are carried out in one of the research groups in which the master’s programme Polymer Science is involved. Recommended modules are Polymer Architectures, High Performance and Specialty Polymers, Advanced Methods in the Physical Chemistry of Polymers, Current Topics in Colloid, Polymer and Interface Science, Polymer Engineering, Polymer Physics II, Catalyst Design and Sustainable Polymer Chemistry and Polymer Materials. The students also develop a research plan for carrying out a research project, which may be related to a research module in the third semester of study or to the topic of the master’s thesis.

Modules P201 | P202 | P203 | P204 | P205 | P206 | P207 | P208 are offered in Summer Semester.

Module 2nd Semester P201 - P208

** Students select three modules from the eight recommended modules offered in Summer Semester. One of these modules may be replaced by a module from the master’s programmes Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, or Engineering Science.

Research Proposal P210

The research plan can also be finalized in the third semester of study.

3rd and 4th Semesters of Study:

In the third semester of study, students complete two research modules of their choice à 15 credit points. They can also be completed as part of an internship abroad. One of the research modules may be carried out in the private sector. In the fourth semester of study, students work on a master’s thesis on a topic from a current issue in the field of polymer science. The master’s thesis, for which 30 credit points are awarded, is completed over a six-month period in the fourth semester of study.

Module 3rd und 4th Semester

Core elective modules are offered on the basis of availability and demand. They are announced in an appropriate form by the chair of examiners following the decision made by the board of examiners at the end of the semester prior to the courses.

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