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An interdisciplinary master’s programme at the university of bayreuth

Master’s programme Polymer Science

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Module Handbook


  • 1st Semester (Winter Semester)

P 101  Polymer Synthesis
P 102  Physical Chemistry of Polymers
P 103  Colloids and Surfaces
P 104  Polymer Materials and Technology
P 105  Polymer Physics I
P 106  Organometallic Chemistry and Polymerization Catalysts
P 107  Catalysis and Sustainable Synthesis
P 108  Biomaterials

  • 2nd Semester (Summer Semester)

P 201  Polymer Architectures
P 202  High Performance and Speciality Polymers
P 203  Advanced Methods in the Physical Chemistry of Polymers
P 204  Current Topics in Colloid, Polymer, and Interface Science
P 205  Polymer Engineering
P 206  Polymer Physics II
P 207  Catalyst Design
P 208  Sustainable Polymer Chemistry and Polymer Materials
P 210  Research Proposal

  • 3rd and 4th Semester

P 301  Advanced Laboratory I
P 302  Advanced Laboratory II
P 400  Master Thesis

The complete module manual can be downloaded here as a PDF file:

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